Northern Chiropractic: Filling the pantry this March

During the holiday season, many people in the Eagle River-Chugiak area give back to their community. Not only is it the traditional time for considering your own blessings and giving a step up to those who may not have as much or may be temporarily struggling, but opportunities to give abound. Donations - it may seem - are collected on every street corner, at every business and during each credit card swipe. This seems to be a good system - collecting donations while everyone is in such a giving mood. The Chugiak-Eagle River Food Pantry in particular certainly benefits from the holiday rush, but their stock begins to taper off by the time March rolls around. That holiday surge can only last so long. That problem has not been overlooked by Greg Culbert. Dr. Culbert, who is the owner of Northern Chiropractic, had been hosting a holiday food drive through his office for nearly 20 years, but he grew concerned that holiday giving was not doing enough to support families in the community throughout the year. Eight years ago Dr. Culbert decided to start hosting a second food drive during the month of March.