Running Toward the Future

Everyone knows a runner. Ask just about anyone, and they’ll be able to point to that person in their life - be it a friend, significant other or work colleague - who fits the profile. Mileage stickers on their car, ridiculously timed pre-dawn workouts and a selection of sweaty Instagram selfies are tell-tale signs. Whether you find them endearing or annoying, you may have found yourself skeptical of their claims that they “love” running and couldn’t live without it. For many runners, their activity of choice can be seen as a luxury. In today’s world, it’s not a survival necessity in a strict life-or-death sense. Most people can get through their day with minimal walking, let alone running for miles. But devout runners know there’s something more to it. Hiland Mountain Correctional Center might be the last place you would expect to find dedicated runners.