Quake Brewing Company: 2017 Season Closer & Celebration

The QUAKE! 2017 Season Closer & Celebration (SC&C) will feature over 10 beers on tap, including QUAKE!’s latest offering Tidal Wave (Peach Cobbler Cream Ale). Tidal Wave is a beautifully crafted American Cream Ale. This southern twist on an American classic is made with peaches, vanilla beans, and brown sugar. The following is the scheduled beer list for 2017 SC&C: Good Friday IPA, Magnitude Stout, Fracture (Sweet Potato Ale), Fracture Reserve, La Fortaleza (Mexican Lager), Lahar, Lahar Reserve, Bedrock (Red Ale), Tidal Wave (Peach Cobbler Cream Ale), QUAKE!’s Own Root Beer, QUAKE!’s Hard Root Beer.