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Peer to Peer: Second chances coming from surprising places

A simple mission with profound implications for Anchorage youth. The Anchorage Youth Court (AYC) offers the ability for youth to receive training and gain a deeper understanding of our judicial system while helping their peers resolve legal problems.

Eagle River Robotics Team Rank High at State Qualifier Tournament

Eagle River High School First Tech Challenge teams competed this weekend in a 20-team qualifier tournament at ERHS.

Lady Wolves Host 2017 Pink Night

Eagle River High School’s (ERHS) volleyball teams donned pink like many teams on October 10th to raise awareness for breast cancer. However, the Lady Wolves decided to do something unique; they raised money from bake sales and at home games throughout October to give directly to someone in Eagle River fighting breast cancer. Since its inception in 2005, this program has raised money for members of Eagle River who are battling breast cancer. Recipients can use the money for any need they have, whether that be for offsetting medical costs, paying regular bills, or buying groceries.

Cross Country Running Jamboree

While some might like to run like the wind, in this house, my children like to run with the rabbits. What started with a race Wayne Armstrong and Lynda Barcom held in the parking lot at Birchwood Elementary back in 1987, has not only kept its momentum but has proven year after year, that this is a race many elementary school-aged children get excited about. Thursday, September 28, 2017, approximately 800 children showed up to what has become the Beach Lake Area Trails Cross Country Running Jamboree not because they want to win but because they want to be there. (Ok, some are there to win.)

Student Leadership Summit: Lifetouch brings J.C. Pohl and Teen Truth to Alaska

Everyone wanted to know why Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold gunned down 13 people and injured 24 more after the Columbine shooting in 1999. Experts spoke at length about why it

School Board Member Elisa Snelling Urges Parents to be a Part of the Process

Discussions about closing any Eagle River/Chugiak Schools are no longer being conducted in the Anchorage School District although local parents may need to be active in consideration of ASD boundary changes, according to Elisa Snelling, School Board Treasurer. “We can take a look at our enrollment out here and see that we are not getting smaller as a community,” explained Snelling. “All the reductions are in Anchorage. We’re about 95.4 percent of our anticipated enrollment, which is about where we were last year.”

I Would Join The PTA, But…

In the back of my mind I wondered - isn’t the school supposed to provide all this? Do they just not know how to manage their resources? Maybe, it is different at other schools.When the military moved us, we started a new school. New school, new PTA - this school will have it together, and I will get my casual PTA lunches!Again, school district resource shortfalls left classrooms and teachers in need. So, I went to work. Along with other parents, we turned to the community for the necessary resources for students to have a productive and meaningful school year.

AFJROTC Leadership Camp

Each year, the Air Force JROTC program at Eagle River High School offers cadets a chance to attend a week long Leadership Camp near Gunsight Mountain, located about 8 miles south of Eureka.Lt. Col. (Ret) David Ennis and CMSgt. (Ret) Bill McNew along with the adult volunteer “Cadre” provide cadets training in first aid, orienteering, marksmanship, archery, rappelling, physical fitness, team building and leadership skills. Cadets leave Leadership Camp having been physically and mentally challenged.

The State of Higher Education Part 2

Earning a high school diploma or GED is the first step in creating a solid foundation for the future. Finding a job that doesn’t require a diploma or GED is near impossible, and universities, colleges, and trade or vocational schools require one or the other to attend.What’s next?By the time young Alaskans graduate high school, they are ready for something different. Living under their parent’s roof has gone on long enough, and they are ready for a job, a car, and freedom to make their own decisions.

The State of Higher Education

For the generations of Americans who entered the workforce after World War II, higher education was only a consideration if you could afford it.

What Doesn’t Come Out of Those High School Lockers

Nicholls walked the halls with this reporter, he also kept a watch over the flurry of items going from lockers to a series of trash bins.

Graduation Was His Second Life Miracle

When Shawn Stockwell crossed the stage at the Sullivan Arena last Tuesday night for the Eagle River High School graduation, the second biggest miracle in his life occurred. At least

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