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Hidden Treasures @ the Library, Part Two

If you have any questions or want a guided tour, come in to any Anchorage Public Library location and staff will be happy to help you!

Downloadables @ the Library

Take some time to explore the Alaska Digital Library and I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the offerings you can access.

Summer Discovery @ the Library

Did you know that school-age kids who continue reading during summer break lose less academic achievement when they return to school in the fall than kids who do not? The Anchorage Public Library can help with that. In addition, APL offers fun reading and learning opportunities for the entire family, or cradle-to-grave, as it were.

Hidden Treasures @ the Library, Part One

This month, you’ll see what Anchorage Public Library offers. Just know that you can access any of these for free at an APL branch.

Writers @ the Library

Libraries are synonymous with reading, but the flip-side of that is writing. Without writers, we wouldn’t have all of those books on the shelves, on audiobooks, and in eBook form. There are a wide variety of authors, both local and not, coming to the Anchorage Public Library before summer arrives.

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