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Work Smarter, Not Harder

This time of year, stores are looking for extra help; but do you really want to be on your feet all day? Another option is direct sales.

December Spotlight: Reagan & Kadra

While the sisters lead very different lives they found that working their direct sales business could fit both of their lifestyles.

November Spotlight – Trisha Clark

In March of 2016, Trisha Clark decided to give her own H2O at Home business a try, hoping to raise some money for a fun girls’ trip.

October Spotlight: Shelby Larson

Young Living has more than just oils. Shelby uses their Healthy Cooking products when baking with her children.

Party Over Here, Party Over There

Most everyone who is familiar with direct sales knows that if you want to save money on your products, hosting a party is the way to go.

September Independent Marketplace spotlight on Roni Arnold

There are few families that don’t have a tote bag in their house. Many are the sturdy, multifunctional totes by Thirty-One Gifts.

Why Direct Sales?

So, what’s the big deal about direct sales? You see the consultants at the State Fair selling their products and their posts on Facebook.

Hosting a successful product party

Why do you want to have a party? Make sure they’re happy with the products. It’s all about the little things when you throw a product party.

August spotlight on Kate Ferguson – LuLaRoe

Katie started her LuLaRoe business in December of 2016. She wanted the flexibility to volunteer at school while doing something with fashion.

July spotlight on Rachel Seedorf – Tupperware

Believing in a product like Tupperware has allowed Rachel to get out, have fun, and make new friends – all while being able to make money!

Tips for building your business

Building business relationships with customers is what keeps them coming back to you. A key way to build these relationships is customer care.

Spotlight on 907 Sarah’s In-Home Pet Care

To avoid boarding Lily, I started to look at the possibility of in-home pet care, and I found 907 Sarah’s In-Home Pet Care.

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