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Why Direct Sales?

So, what’s the big deal about direct sales? You see the consultants at the State Fair selling their products and their posts on Facebook.

Hosting a successful product party

Why do you want to have a party? Make sure they’re happy with the products. It’s all about the little things when you throw a product party.

August spotlight on Kate Ferguson – LuLaRoe

Katie started her LuLaRoe business in December of 2016. She wanted the flexibility to volunteer at school while doing something with fashion.

July spotlight on Rachel Seedorf – Tupperware

Believing in a product like Tupperware has allowed Rachel to get out, have fun, and make new friends – all while being able to make money!

Tips for building your business

Building business relationships with customers is what keeps them coming back to you. A key way to build these relationships is customer care.

Spotlight on 907 Sarah’s In-Home Pet Care

To avoid boarding Lily, I started to look at the possibility of in-home pet care, and I found 907 Sarah’s In-Home Pet Care.

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