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When Should You See a Financial Professional?

It can be challenging to achieve your financial objectives. When should you seek a financial professional?

Can You Count on a Bountiful Investment “Harvest”?

We’re officially in autumn – when we bring in what we planted in the spring. What can you do to have a successful investment “harvest”?

Have You Planned for Long-term Care?

If you are fortunate, you will retain your physical and mental capacities, but if you require long-term care, will you be prepared?

Party Over Here, Party Over There

Most everyone who is familiar with direct sales knows that if you want to save money on your products, hosting a party is the way to go.

Women Business Owners: Don’t Forget About Your Retirement Plan

If you are one of these owners you’ll have a lot to think about with your business, but there’s an area you can’t ignore – your retirement.

Financial Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

If you are a caregiver for a family member living with Alzheimer’s disease, you also need to be aware of the financial issues involved.

How Can Life Insurance Help You?

Of course, you probably recognize the importance of life insurance, but do you know the various ways in which it can help you?

Consider Financial Gifts for Your Grandchildren

If college or some type of vocational school is in their future, you may want to help with an education-savings vehicle 529 savings plan.

September Independent Marketplace spotlight on Roni Arnold

There are few families that don’t have a tote bag in their house. Many are the sturdy, multifunctional totes by Thirty-One Gifts.

Why Direct Sales?

So, what’s the big deal about direct sales? You see the consultants at the State Fair selling their products and their posts on Facebook.

Estate Planning

A Living Trust gives you better control over what happens to your property. A Living Trust can help protect family, particularly children.

Where You Live as Retiree Can Affect Financial Strategies

If you’re 65 or older at retirement, Medicare will cover some health care costs, though you’ll likely need to purchase supplemental coverage.

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