Have you noticed something different about your ECHO?

Good, because we worked really hard to make it worth noticing. This is the new ECHO Magazine. We talked to a lot of people, and it seemed like everyone had plenty of newspapers laying around. What we heard is that people love this good stuff delivered to their door every month, but they wanted a non-newspaper format.

We know you love the ECHO because we tell a great story, and share good news – and we think of that as our mission. But, you told us that you were ready to branch out from Eagle River, so, we did that too. You will notice some new writers, and stories about places to visit and things to do on the other side of the bridges. Every month you’ll notice a common thread running through the stories we publish.

We hope you enjoy the new ECHO Magazine. We certainly enjoyed putting it together for you.

Have you noticed something different about your ECHO? Good, because we worked hard to make it worth noticing. This is the new ECHO magazine.

Guess what else we do:

We offer school age kids the opportunity to learn skills that they may not have another chance to practice through our “Kids’ Beat” section which features stories seen through the eyes of elementary and middle school kids. You may have seen some of their articles online. Some of them have had stories published in the ECHO before. We go to the schools and work with teachers and kids. Every week I sit down with a group of sixth graders interested in writing. 
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Reach over 18,000 homes and businesses and over 200 street locations across Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak & Peters Creek in a publication worth reading and is  the locals favorite. We currently print 30,000 copies every month.

As you know, we focus on the positive. We let some of the other papers with paid staff cover the breaking news because – well, frankly, they do a fine job at it. We cover what we do best, history, the beauty around us, health, events, and the good people of our community. We also now feature branded editorials.
Branded Editorials

Reach out to the community to tell a story and showcase your brand at the same time.

Branded editorials are an excellent way to show potential customers why your product or service is worth their time and money. Branded editorials in a community driven publication opens the door to a new customer base by familiarising readers with the product or service on a more personal level.
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Online advertising is included for free with all ads 1/4 page and larger. Online advertising extends the reach of your ads beyond what a printed publication can. Ads are found throughout the website and are customised for each advertiser. We also have a placement in our weekly newsletter.

We also have one of the largest, most used events system in the state.

Free for the community to use and benefit from. We felt existing event systems were hard to use and even harder to actually find relevant events with so we decided to build our own.

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