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Back in 2016, the “new” ECHO debuted.

With its magazine-style format, the cover always has quite the artistic flair. The Echo is all about sharing – sharing what we’re all about: entertainment, community, health and outdoors.

Entertainment means so many different things to different people.

Whether it be listening to music or playing music, cheering on or playing your favorite sport, or reading a good book; we try to cover what you love.

Our community is what makes this place so special.

We know you want to know about what local groups are doing and how to support them. There are so many fantastic programs and events in our community and the Echo is the place to find them. Community also includes our up-and-coming community as well. The Echo doesn’t just share stories about our youth, but they are also written by our youth. With our Student Journalism Program, students learn many skills, ranging from writing and photography skills to time management and research methods.

What good would entertainment and our community be if we didn’t have our health?

Learning about (and being reminded) of good health practices, new trends and the science behind it all keeps our community thriving. Sometimes we even cover financial health – because we all know how important that is!

We wouldn’t be a true Alaskan publication if we didn’t share about the great outdoors.

The adventurous outdoorsmen can find stories to help carry them to extraordinary peaks and raging rivers. But the casual observer isn’t left behind, reading about the things you might find on a gentle walk through the neighborhood. Even if the extent of your outdoorsy-ness is reading about it here in the Echo, we know that Alaska is nature at its best.

We want to combine great stories with local advertisers to provide you with the information and services you need.

Advertisement Sizes

Interested in advertising with us?

The Echo is distributed to every business and residence in Chugiak and Eagle River. It is also delivered to newsstands in the same area and expanding into Anchorage. Overall, around 13,000 copies are mailed out. Our beautiful full-color cover draws in readers to both the stories and advertisements. We offer a variety of sizes and options for your needs.

Available print ad sizes:
  • Full Page – 9.5 x 11
  • Two Third Page Horizontal – 9.45 x 7.285
  • Half Page Horizontal – 9.45 x 5.42
  • Half Page Vertical – 4.63 x 11
  • Third Page Horizontal – 9.45 x 3.556
  • Quarter Page Square – 4.63 x 5.42
  • Quarter Page Vertical – 2.26 x 11
  • Quarter Page Horizontal – 9.45 x 2.625
  • Eighth Page Horizontal – 4.63 x 2.625
  • Eighth Page Vertical – 2.26 x 5.42
  • Twelfth Page – 2.26 x 3.556
Available online ad sizes:
  • Top Banner – 1305px x 200px
  • Top Banner Mobile – 404px x 313px
  • Sidebar Tall – 404px x 626px
  • Sidebar Short – 404px x 313px
  • Mid-Text Banner – 800px x 200px
  • Mid-Text Mobile – 404px x 313px

Reach every address in 99577 and 99567 including over 200 paper stands, outdoor paper boxes, and waiting rooms across Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak & Peters Creek in a publication worth reading and is the local favorite.

As you know, we focus on the positive. We let some of the other papers with paid staff cover the breaking news because – well, frankly, they do a fine job at it. We cover what we do best, history, the beauty around us, health, events, and the good people of our community. We also now feature branded editorials.
Branded Editorials

Reach out to the community to tell a story and showcase your brand at the same time.

Branded editorials are an excellent way to show potential customers why your product or service is worth their time and money. Branded editorials in a community driven publication opens the door to a new customer base by familiarising readers with the product or service on a more personal level.
Online Advertising

Is online advertising included with your printed ad?

Now it is.

Online advertising is included for free with all ads 1/4 page and larger. Online advertising extends the reach of your ads beyond what a printed publication can. Ads are found throughout the website and are customised for each advertiser. We also have a placement in our weekly newsletter.

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