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Run campaigns on “Wallet”

Candidates running for office in Alaska (and elsewhere) could significantly reduce the cost of their campaigns by simply running on the theme “Wallet,” which is the main reason people vote anyway.

Letter to the Editor: Renfro Foods

Renfro Foods, makers of award-winning Mrs. Renro’s Salsa, received a Google alert about a story mentioning the brand.

Unsung Heroes of the Bear Paw Festival

I want to give a special thanks to the Leslie’s Crew, the epitome of a motivated and organized team, which keeps the Bear Paw Festival clean.

Standing with the “Marchers for Life”

Born in 1945, I’m considered a “Baby Boomer.” Unlike many others my age, I am not afraid to admit we failed in pressing U.S. Congress to take a stronger stand on gun control and end the political stranglehold the National Rifle Association (NRA) has on our elected officials.

Forced Waterline and Property Assessments through Birchwood

The Birchwood community, just beyond Eagle River, is identified in the Chugiak/Eagle River Comprehensive Plan as being a low-density area where residents provide their own water and sewer on large lots. This is a standard many of us have fought hard to establish and maintain. Recently Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has directed the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU) to support development of Eklutna Inc. property at the assembly-approved Powder Reserve area being developed in South Birchwood. Eklutna Inc. has already developed the Powder Ridge subdivision, which was provided with a waterline from the North Eagle River Vault of the Eklutna Waterline to Anchorage. This was done with a single feed line to that development.

Amazon’s HQ2: Alaska’s opportunity for economic diversification

Creating wealth unfortunately doesn't just happen; rather, it’s a function of having a "can do" spirit, working hard, being smart and sometimes even a little luck comes into play. We don't have to look very far, only to Seattle, to see the negative consequences of what happens when government places a local income tax on individuals. The reaction was swift and severe. Amazon’s founder and chairman, Jeff Bezos, announced that his company — which from 2010 through 2016 provided $38 billion to Seattle’s economy — plans to open Amazon HQ2, a second company headquarters in North America. Amazon is now asking other cities and states across the nation to submit their proposals to home HQ2.

Letter to the Editor: 9/26/17: J Suter

The solution to government run health care for all of America is right under the noses of congress. Congress says it wants the best medical program for America that can be delivered.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, As a “former” lawyer, I get the tippy-toe approach Chugiak High and the ASD feel they must take re students’ rights to free speech, even when said students

Bob Lenz To Share Anti-Bullying Message At Community Covenant Church

Lenz will be sharing a humorous drug and alcohol prevention, anti-bullying message which promotes value, courage, and respect.

Chugiak Votes In Its First Election For President

Prior to becoming a State, on January 3, 1959, Alaskans had no vote in national elections. Taxation without representation was a major issue in the campaign to achieve Statehood. On

Dear Editor

With the primary election results tallied and certified, I want to thank the voters of Chugiak, Eagle River, Fire Lake, Birchwood and JBER for expressing their trust in me with

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